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Advertising, Creative & Graphic Design

BQR has a reputation for producing outstanding creative advertising from initial concept to final production in all media and many diverse markets. Experts at crafting a message that is attention-getting and fresh, BQR can help create awareness of any product or service and move an organization closer to achieving its business goals. BQR’s experienced and talented designers can also develop a distinct corporate identity through logo design and graphic standards and carry key messages forward with consistency AND IMPACT via traditional and digital advertising campaigns and related collateral.

Media Buying, Planning & Research

The array of media choices reaching target audiences in any market is mind-boggling. But the media professionals at BQR skillfully employ all the research tools currently available to determine the most effective and cost-efficient vehicles for successfully delivering content and achieving cost efficiencies via negotiation and programmatic buying. And to satisfy any unanswered questions about a target market or segment – Who are they? What are their media habits? How do they perceive us and our competition? – BQR can design and implement a program of customized primary research including focus groups and large-scale traditional or online surveys.

Message Development, Copywriting & Editing

Typically, organizations have many talented executives on staff who understand their operations and goals thoroughly but cannot find the right words to explain them to others. BQR’s writers have the ability to put your message into clear, concise language.  They can start from a blank page, beginning with original research and interviews or simply revise rough drafts or compile content from existing documents. Regardless, BQR can give any organization a professional and polished image in any format.

Digital Marketing, Advertising & Social

Today, digital media offer exciting choices for delivering custom content and tracking audience engagement with the use of sophisticated analytical tools. BQR digital strategists can develop and deliver digital campaigns to precisely targeted audiences defined psychographically, demographically, geographically or all three, then determine effectiveness by measuring client-determined key performance indicators such as click-through-rates, downloads and call-to-action response. Then agency analysts report what it all means by creating real-time dashboards incorporating customized Google Analytics and 3rd-party data.

PR, Media Relations & Communications

Well-placed feature stories or mentions in the right publications can be invaluable to virtually all marketing efforts. Carrying the implied endorsement of the media in which it appears, publicity can help establish an organization’s position in an industry by increasing exposure and awareness inside a powerful editorial environment. Working in tandem with advertising and other communication initiatives, public relations adds new routes to distribute your brand’s message.

Event Planning & Management

Many times, hosting a well-planned event can secure precious face-to-face contact with key sales prospects or other important constituents. BQR can handle the event on a turn-key basis – from venue selection and theme creation to entertainment, decorations, collateral and signage – and also promote the event through advertising and media exposure to increase attendance.

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